Make an impact

I help leaders achieve their potential.

Engage. Inspire. Empower. These aren’t buzzwords. They’re things I love to do. And helping people like you make an impact is something I never tire of. If you’re here reading this, I already know something about you: you care about your achievements. I do too.


Here’s how I can help

Political Coaching

Interesting in running in your next municipal election?

From speaking to the media to recruiting and organizing volunteers, I learned a lot in my two successful mayoral elections.

We can speak confidentially about what it’s like to run and to win. I’ve been there before and can offer insight while you plan your campaign.

Municipal Government

Are you in the business of working and engaging with municipal governments? Political leaders, senior administrators, developers, and even corporations can find it challenging and time-consuming.

Where do you start? Who do you speak with? Who can open the right doors? Eight years as the Mayor of Waterloo has taught me a lot about how municipal government works. Let’s talk about how I can use my knowledge and network to help.

Keynote Speaking & MC

I’ve taken stages around the world as a political leader and motivational speaker. I’d love to share my experience with your audience, and can speak to leadership, innovation, technology, intelligent communities, and the importance creating an intelligent nation.

I also share my personal story: my journey from single mother working multiple jobs, to mayor of one of the most inspiring cities in the world. My story is about believing in yourself and working hard to achieve your goals, one at a time.

Personal Mentoring & Coaching

If I could accomplish this, you can too. 

Before I ran for mayor, I worked for the federal government and was a trained mediator and conflict management specialist. I have a lot of experience working with teams and staff, and I can share those skills with you.

Whether you need connections, advice, or just a reality check, I would love to share my experiences and hear more about yours.

Strategic Consulting & Planning

As a trained mediator and conflict resolver with international connections, I can help lead your team through smooth operational growth.

Want to expand your business in China? Take me! While serving as Mayor of Waterloo, I was able to build relationships with businesses and governments throughout Asia and Europe.

Board Member of Your Dreams

Some credentials: Chair of the Board of Startup Canada, President of the Trillium Innovation Venture Group, past Chair of the Board of the Alumni of the International Communities Forum (an amazing think tank), member of iCANADA, the Rotary Club of Waterloo, the Kidsability Foundation Board, and the board of Supportive Housing of Waterloo.

Let’s make waves together.

Wondering if I can help YOU?

I love working with women, startups, business leaders, and politicians. If you’re struggling with a challenge, please reach out to me. If I can’t help, I would love to connect you with someone who can!

Dear Women

If I’d listened to the people who tried to talk me out of what I believed I could do, I wouldn’t have become Mayor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but also don’t be afraid to take risks. Here’s what I’ve learned as a woman in leadership.

Results Matter

I can help you get strong ones. Becoming the Mayor of Waterloo was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done. If you’re running in your 2018 municipal election, I’d love to share what I’ve learned, and help you get started.

Be the CEO of your life

My life changed the day I decided to take ownership and control of what was happening to me. As a motivational speaker, I can help your audience take charge, leading to higher productivity, smarter risk taking, and stronger businesses and communities.

What are you waiting for?